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Rose & ylang ylang eye pillow - Agnes & Cat

Rose & ylang ylang eye pillow - Agnes & Cat


These Eye pillows are filled with linseed mixed with your favourite essential oils, presented in a beautiful gift box and cotton bag.


The relaxing weight of the linseed inside the luxurious cover gently presses against your eyes and forehead releasing tensions in the body and refreshing the eyes. 


It will rest comfortably over your forehead and gently moulds to the shape of your face, blocking out light and enveloping your senses with calming fragrance. This product is lovingly made in Sheffield.


How to use

Place the inner bag in a freeze proof bag or container and freeze for a minimum of 1 hour. Once cooled, place into the cover provided and position across the eyes. Avoid getting the bag or contents wet. 


Do not ingest contents of bag. You can remove the content for washing via the Velcro seal. Ensure that the seal is secure (and not leaking seeds) before use.

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