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Third Eye chakra essential oil

Third Eye chakra essential oil


Your third eye chakra relates to wisdom, intelligence and spirituality, and informs the way in which we perceive and interact with the world around us.


When it is balanced, we are aware of shifts in our surroundings and we become able to see the bigger picture. Our Third Eye Chakra Pure Essential Oil Blend contains oils that are intended to heighten your awareness and strengthen your intuition.


Clary Sage Essential Oil 

Clary sage quietens and clears the mind, bringing you back into the moment to enjoy even the stillest of atmospheres. Clary sage oil is also beneficial for opening creative channels and clearing creative blocks.


Marjoram (Sweet) Essential Oil 

Marjoram has a cleansing scent with an uplifting, brightening effect that boosts self-esteem and calms obsessive thinking. It can bring clarity and understanding to our minds and peace to our bodies.


Rosemary Essential Oil 

Rosemary lowers our stress, preventing anxiety from clouding our minds as we approach obstacles. It is beneficial for concentration, attention and memory.

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