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GLUTEN FREE Organic corn & rice fusilli pasta (100g)

GLUTEN FREE Organic corn & rice fusilli pasta (100g)


Naturally gluten-free, PASTA NATURA corn and rice fusilli are appreciated by everyone. Perfect seasoned in every way, from the drizzle of extra virgin olive oil to the most complex sauces, this pasta is nutritious, satiating and does not weigh down.


Fusilli corn and rice can be seasoned in many ways: with each sauce they express their best, enhancing the taste of the ingredients. Try them with parmesan and walnut pesto, with tuna and courgette, with a saffron cream, with a pumpkin and carrot sauce or with fish sauces ... have you ever tried the combination of red mullet and oregano? Thanks to the slow drying at low temperature and the bronze drawing, our pasta perfectly holds the cooking so you can always enjoy it al dente.


Sold in increments of 100g.



Corn flour (79%), rice flour (21%)

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