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Butterfly seed bomb

Butterfly seed bomb


Our Wildflower Seed Bombs are made from partially recycled materials and come in bright, vibrant colours. Each seed bomb contains dozens of seeds to give a wide, colourful variety of flowers when they are planted.


Our bombs are easy to grow, just soak and plant and they will start to grow. The seeds used include wildflowers and flowers that attract wildlife to gardens and wind boxes.


Sold individually.


Seed Mix usually includes : Alyssum Antirrhinum Asters Brachycome California Poppy Candytuft Canterbury Bells Cornflower Dahlia Linaria Linum - Flax Lobelia Mesembryanthemum Phlox Poppy Papaver Stocks Virginia Stock Zinnia African Daisy Dimorphotheca Various Sunflowers


Seed bombs are approximately 1-1.5cm in size.

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