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Mealtime zen

When we have busy lives and responsibilities, it is sometimes easy to forget to slow down our lives a little and look after our health. We need time for balancing our often fast and furious lifestyles. Rest, exercise (especially walking in nature), fulfilling hobbies and one of the most important things to us as human beings, taking the time for ‘Quietude’ and contemplative eating, can be aspects of our lives which are overlooked.

Growing what you eat can be a great healer, and so can preparing and cooking your own food, whether bought as ingredients or home-grown. Occasional takeaways, or pre-prepared meals are sometimes necessary when there is no time to look for a recipe after a hectic day but immersing yourself in the ‘zen’ of eating your own lovingly prepared meal, even if just once or twice a week, can be both rewarding and healthy! Learning about flavour combination, (and culinary disasters) plus looking at all the amazing ingredients from around the world available to buy locally, can teach you so much about what you consume at mealtimes, and in between too. Finely tuning recipes to your own tastebuds, saving money, making food last for more than one meal and importantly, the rudiments of good nutrition, all have a positive feel-good factor and sense of achievement too.

Whatever your eating preference, food type or how you eat it, (especially if making your own), allow yourself to create the mood to prepare, cook, relax and enjoy the experience. We spend so much of our lives moving and eating at the same time! Perhaps there may occasionally be a time where you can sit in a specially prepared and peaceful place and think about the journey of your food, how it got to your table, and above all, how you may have been a part of arriving there!

However you do it, however you make it, take the time to enjoy your food experience!

Mel x

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