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"We Rise by Lifting Others" embroidery kit

"We Rise by Lifting Others" embroidery kit

£19.95 Regular Price
£9.98Sale Price

Stitch this inspirational phrase and keep it on your wall as a reminder! I love this phrase and its sentiment. It’s so easy to get into a competitive mindset with life and think that we’re all in competition with each other, but this is the alternative, a kinder way.


This kit comes with pre printed fabric in a vibrant yellow, so you are all ready to stitch on the pattern. It’s a bit like stitching by numbers! The kit contains high quality cotton fabric printed in the UK and 100% cotton embroidery thread.


Perfect for beginners this just uses one simple stitch, a back stitch to complete the whole project.


The hoop measures 17cm diameter and the kits comes with everything you need,  including printed fabric, thread needle, wadding, backing disc and ribbon to hang.

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