EcoGarden bamboo & cotton face wipes set
Eco Garden's Reusable Bamboo Cotton Cleansing Pad Set comes complete with twelve super soft washable cleansing pads, one pure cotton laundry bag & one natural bamboo storage case. Our Cleansing Pad Set is perfect for applying toners & lotions, removing make-up & even for exfoliating - not to mention making it easier than ever before to make your daily beauty regime plastic free & more environmentally friendly.

Eco Garden's Cleansing Pads are made from 100% natural bamboo cotton, which makes them as gentle on the skin as they are durable in the wash. Our convenient pure cotton laundry bag means you simply pop your used cleansing pads in with your regular wash without the risk of losing or damaging them. Likewise, the Eco Garden bamboo storage case gives you somewhere stylish to keep them safe & organised in between usage.

Caring for your Cleansing Pads;

We recommend washing our Eco Garden Cleansing Pads in their pure cotton laundry bag at 40 degrees to ensure they are perfectly clean. Allow them to air dry to promote longevity & maximum reusable goodness.

In This Set;

12 x 100% Natural Bamboo Cotton Cleansing Pads. (With a super smooth side & alternate exfoliating side for daily beauty rituals)

1 x Natural Sustainable Bamboo Storage Case (For keeping your cleansing pads naturally neat, tidy & organised)

1 x 100% Natural Cotton Eco Garden Laundry Bag (For keeping your cleansing pads safe & super clean when you put them in your regular wash)

EcoGarden bamboo & cotton face wipes set


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