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Vegan leather snack pouch

Vegan leather snack pouch


Handmade, washable paper (aka vegan leather) bags, ideal for those aspiring to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.


What they are made from?

Wood Pulp

Synthetic Latex



The material used is accredited by both the Forestry Stewardship Council and Oeko-Tex and is manufactured in Europe.


Synthetic latex is more stable than natural latex and produces fewer noxious gases in the manufacturing process.


DIMENSIONS: 15cm x 16cm x 5cm (APPROX)


Why are they fabulous?

Great for transporting snacks for you, the kids or your dog (please use a seperate bag for that) or for other small items.


How to care for them...

Can be laundered with your normal load and will soften and become easier to handle with each wash. 

Not suitable for tumble drying.

Scrunch up whilst wet to age the vleather and make it softer quicker.

At end of life why not roll down the edges and use as a plant pot?

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