Medium white Himalayan salt lamp

Himalayan Rock Salt Crystal, a beautiful wooden base, an electric bulb and a high quality white electric cable with on/off switch.


Reputed to have a number of heath benefits including:

- production of negative ions improving air quality

- enhance breathing

- cleanse, deodorise and purity air

- calm allergies and reduce asthma

- alleviate coughing & other symptoms of common cold

- boost blood flow

- raise energy levels

- sharpen concentration & performance

- enhance mood

- reduce stress & promote relaxation

- balance electromagnetic raditation

- improve sleep


Caring for your lamp: Do not wash or clean your salt lamp with a wet cloth and keep it in a dry and non-humid place. When your salt lamp gets wet please make sure you switch it off and unplug the wire from the mains. Use a dry cloth to wipe off all water / humidity from the salt lamp before using it again.


*Please note this salt lamp has a black streak running through it, as shown in photo 2*

Medium white Himalayan salt lamp