Samurai Matcha Powder Tea Ceremonial Grade (Organically grown)

ENRICHD Samurai Matcha is Ceremonial Grade and organically grown.

Because of its high levels of anti-oxidants and uplifting nature, Matcha has been enjoyed in the East for thousands of years. (Tea was originally medicine after all! :) 

Matcha specifically is also reputed for being high in the polyphenal EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) which is known for it's anti-cancer potential. (Studies on the ENRICHD Samurai Matcha page)

Oh and we've named our amazing matcha SAMURAI MATCHA because Samurais are reputed to have drank matcha for ALERTNESS and CLARITY before going into battle.

Calmly, aware, awake, and ready...


Matcha is more than just "tea powder". It's a potent source of antioxidants and cup of deep health.


 At ENRICHD we pride ourselves are as tea fans and we take our sourcing very seriously. 

As well as being tested to make sure it is clean as a whistle, every batch is taste and feeling tested by us.


We are BIG Matcha fans here at ENRICHD, it's such a big part of our lives for energy, focus and a nice dose of spiritual wellness!

Samurai Matcha Powder Tea Ceremonial Grade (Organically grown)