Lion's Mane Mushroom Dual Extract Powder (10:1)
- Memory
- Focus
- Clarity
- Creativity
- Gut Health
- Wood Grown - not oat grown (for potency and integrity)
- Dual Extract to get the full spectrum of potential
- Heavy metal testing on every batch
- Ancient wisdom applied in the extraction process
FEELING A LITTLE GEEKY?- Nootropic potential- Potential to support cognitive function- May improve digestive health- May protect against cancer- Anti-inflammatory potential
HOW TO DRINK LION'S MANE- In hot water- Add to your coffee- Add to your hot chocolate- Add to your smoothie or even sprinkle on your cerealHOW DOES LION'S MANE MUSHROOM TASTE?Lion's mane is a malty, broth-like taste, and can be either enjoyed either sweet or savory. I personally love it on it's own in hot water, added smoothies (even soup).
ABOUT LIONS MANE POWDERLion's Mane (H. erinaceus) is reputed and studied for supporting brain function and neurotropic potential."The two most well-known benefits of consuming lion’s mane are the potential ability to prevent or protect the spread of neurodegenerative disease and cancer." Dr AxeIt's known in the foodie health world and the science community as a "nootropic" and we also like to call Lion's Mane is the "Mushroom of Focus and Comprehension" because of our personal experiences with it. It feels like we can comprehend and articulate larger volumes of information more easily and effectively.ENRICHD Lion's Mane is a 10:1 DUAL extract whereby the extraction process was conducted using both the purified water AND the alcohol extract this is very important for the nurotrophic properties.ENRICHD Lion's Mane was grown in pristine conditions in pristine mountains and grown on the right wood for potency. We prefer to share wood grown mushrooms for this simple reason. Heavy metal and agro testing on every batch.
LION'S MANE DIRECTIONS- I started with 1/2 a teaspoon in hot water or organic coffee and then built up to 1 teaspoon over about 7 days.- You could always add it to porridge or even your smoothie because this Lion's Mane is an extract.

Lion's Mane Mushroom Dual Extract Powder (10:1)