Hoof & Paw carnelian candle

Embedded with a Carnelian crystal in natural soy wax. A special blend of essential oils has been created to complement and enhance the properties of this crystal. This combination will inspireenhance passionvitality and self confidence


Designed to increase our self-confidence, enhance our zest for life, our passions and desires. To inspire and create a life we love, whilst feeling free and fun! 


Fresh, warm, comforting and energising all at the same time. This Carnelian blend weaves together a beautiful combination of Neroli, Bergamot and Sandalwood Amyris. 


Encouraging and motivating, Carnelian won't allow self-doubt to creep in. It will inspire and give you the confidence to create and achieve your dreams and desires. All with passion, focus and motivation. 


Carnelian is used as a protection and good luck stone, promoting positive life choices. It replaces negative thoughts with love and also protects against envy, rage or resentment (from others and from you).  


Carnelian is one of the go-to crystals to work with for fertility and pregnancy. Its energy can also increase passion and pleasure in the bedroom, celebrating your sexuality and confidence.


It is, therefore, of no surprise that this magnificent stone works beautifully with the lower chakras in our body, especially the Sacral Chakra. It helps to free any energetic blocks in this chakra point, enabling the energy to flow freely. 


Small Travel Size: 70g Soy Wax 

Burn Time: Approximately 20 hours 


Large: 210g Soy Wax 

Burn Time: Approximately 40 hours 


Sold with a gift box and information card. Lid sold separately. 


The information card includes properties of the crystal and the essential oils used. It also includes affirmations for you to work with as well as the chakra that it relates to. 

Hoof & Paw carnelian candle