Hoof & Paw amethyst candle

Embedded with a Amethyst crystal in natural soy wax. A unique blend of essential oils has been created to compliment and enhance the properties of this crystal. The ultimate candle to wind down with, settle your mind, switch off and release any worries your shoulders may be carrying. This Amethyst candle is for anyone wanting some time out, to quieten the mind and relax. It is a great candle to ensure a restful nights sleep; light for a few hours after work or before you sleep to gain the ultimate benefits of the aroma blends of Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Clary Sage (but don't forget to blow it out before you sleep!). Extremely beneficial for anyone feeling overwhelmed, overworked or overstressed and for anyone who suffers from stress, anxiety or depression. Ideal for meditation, yoga or any practice connecting you with the universe and the ever giving energy we all receive from. Essential Oils Only 100% essential oils are used in HOOF & PAW candles. When lit a subtle soothing blend of Lavender, Ylang Ylang & Clary Sage fill the room. This enhances your Amethyst's energy, creating a claming and peaceful space. Crystal The birthstone for Feburary The ultimate stone for calming the mind, Amethyst promotes balance and peace. Linked with the Crown Chakra, Amethyst clears the mind, relieving stress, tension and headaches. It calms an overactive mind which can cause insomnia. As a protective stone, Amethyst cleanses your energy field, blocking negative energies and then returning it back to the universe after being transformed into positive, loving energy. It is especially good at diffusing tension in the home or office, anger or bad moods. Traditionally known as the stone to help prevent drunkess (yes that's right), Amethyst is a great aid to help with quitting any over indulgence or addictions. Third Eye and Crown Chakra Amethyst and the essential oil blends chosen for this candle have been designed to work with your Third Eye and Crown Chakras, keeping them healthy and balanced. Amethyst opens up your Third Eye and Crown Chakra to enable a greater connection to the universe. In turn, this raises your spiritual vibration, enhancing your intuition, meditation, spiritual awareness and psychic abilities. Affirmations 'My mind, body and soul are relaxed' 'I exhale worry and inhale peace' 'I am safe, secure and connected' Beyond the flame When your candle comes to an end your crystal doesn't. It's energy will continue so keep it safe :)


Travel Size - 75g Soy Wax 

Burn time: Approximately 20 Hours


Large Size - 210g Soy Wax

Burn time: Approximately 40 hours


Wax Sold with gift box & information card. The information card includes properties of the crystal and the essential oils used. It also includes affirmations for you to work with as well as the chakra it relates to.


SAFETY FIRST Never leave a burning candle unattended. Please keep away from children, pets and flammable items. Please read the warning label on the bottom of your candle before first use.

Hoof & Paw amethyst candle