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Heart opening salve - Wildfolk Apothecary

Heart opening salve - Wildfolk Apothecary


This is a potent heart opening balm made with rose, nettle and lavender infused into organic cold pressed sunflower oil. This wildcrafted and intention-infused balm invites the wild magic of transformation and fierce self love into your heart. To anoint the heart with this balm is to awaken it to its purpose as an organ of deeper connection and communication.

The heart is the fire, it is passion, love, power, anger, warmth, the spark of life, rage, energy, action, manifestation, and transformation. Connecting with this fiery heart energy helps us to transform from a place of deep self-love with the fierce and fiery boundaried protection of sovereign fire. Your sacred sovereign fire is your passionate rageful power harnessed to create an active and loving transformation.

This balm is all about self love, self respect, and loving boundaries. We can be soft and open and loving while still being fierce protectors of our tender, passionate, and compassionate hearts.

Rose is associated with love and death. Transformation is the death of old ways, and the transformation into the new. Lavender has magical uses associated with love, protection, prosperity, psychic abilities, and dreams. Nettle is a plant of fire, fierce boundaries and deep, deep nourishment and protection. She builds strength from the ground up, strengthening and purifying all that she touches with her magic and her medicine.

How to use:

For meditation, divination and journeying:
Apply a pea-sized amount over heartspace, pulse points, and third eye. Relax and allow the herbs to open up your energetic heart and your heart-brain: your organ of deeper communication.

As medicine:
Apply the balm over the heart area on the front and back of the body. Breathe deeply, allow the medicine to work on your physical and energetic bodies to effect healing and opening. Deepens the breath, stimulates movement in the heart space, can be used during colds and fevers as a natural support to the healing processes of the body. Helps to heal broken hearts.

To make this offering we worked with the spirits of sovereignty, fire and love. The embodiment of these energies can bestow or remove power, for they combine to come from a place of softness with fierce boundaries. Sovereignty is exactly that; a soft warm heart fully alive with self love and compassion who will fight to death to protect that loving centre.

Organic cold-pressed sunflower oil infused with wild rose, lavender and nettle.
Vitamin E oil
Essential oils of rose geranium and rosemary

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