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BrewBix Dog Biscuits (100g box)

BrewBix Dog Biscuits (100g box)


Tasty treats for your canine companion. Made from just 5 nutritious ingredients:


  • Brewers' Spent Grain - Nutritious leftovers of the brewing process; predominately barley
  • Brewers' yeast - Dried after being used for brewing, and a smell that dogs love
  • Wholemeal flour - Gives our biscuit shape and real crunch
  • Linseed - Helps bind the biscuit and great for dogs
  • Peanut butter - Because dogs love peanut butter!


The core ingredients of these extraordinary treats are sourced from upcycled brewery grain and yeast, giving new life to what was once waste. This sustainable approach not only reduces environmental impact but also serves as a testament to BrewBix's mission to make a difference beyond the world of pet treats.



Brewers' Spent Grain, Brewers' yeast, Wholemeal flour, Linseed, Peanut butter

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