Christmas Gift Guide 2021

We have some lovely things in store that will put a smile on your loved ones faces this Christmas. Here are our top five sustainable Christmas gifts for 2021...

1. The Good Life Game


Say goodbye to those fraught family games of Monopoly with the altogether more gentile The Good Life! A traditional Monopoly style board game but with a wholesome twist. Make your way around the board, building your allotment, buying chickens and pigs and quizzing yourself with environmental themed questions. Recommended for ages 7 year and up but my two little ones (4 and 5 years) love it! Hours of Christmas entertainment.

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2. The Cottage Garden Den Kit


Especially designed to encourage children outdoors and foster a lifelong connection with nature, these den kits are full of real, robust tools and materials that can be used time and time again. The kit contains all you need to make the perfect cottage garden themed den, all packed inside a handy knapsack. We also have the Original Den Kit, if camo is more your style.

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3. Pirate Playset


These cardboard playsets from Playpress are the sweetest! Super clever designs mean that even little hands can construct and play for hours with these ingenious sets. From pirates to spaceships and some Julia Donaldson magic, there's a set sure to delight your little one this Christmas!

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4. Vegan recipes to enhance your yoga life by Sarah Wilkinson


This beautifully written recipe book is the perfect gift for your yoga-loving vegan relative this Christmas! Written by local author, Sarah Wilkinson, this recipe book is sure to nourish body and soul. Split into the four seasons Sarah's recipes are sure to entice you into eating seasonally; Better for you, better for the planet!

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5. Conservation teas by Animalltea

from £6.50

James is passionate about tea and even more passionate about wildlife. He has curated a range of delicious, organic teas and paired them with his favourite conservation charities. From English breakfast to rooibos and pangolins to beavers there's something for every palate and every animal lover.

Buy it online or in store.

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